“create something
you did not see”

Hi, I´m Julian
Oude Maatman

I am a Dutch passionate photographer
focused on travel, astro and
portrait photography.

Photography is one of the few things where I can really relax. Away from the busy environment of studying and working. Right into nature, especially the stars where my fascination started since I was a little boy. But not only nature got my interest, also you! The smile of people. I love to socialize with others and hear their stories. During my travels or during a photoshoot I hear those stories and want to create the perfect picture for this.

In 2015 I started with photography with my phone and found out really quick that I needed a professional camera to create what I had in mind. When I received my camera, I started a course to get the know-how needed to create the photos I had in mind. The mean goal was to create something that no one else had seen. By looking different to an object or by using camera techniques I could create those photos.

But it is not only about me, it is also about you! It is OUR-View I want to put on the photos. By combining our styles and ideas we could create the perfect photo during a shoot. We can write that story.

I would like to hear from you and discuss suitable
photoshoots or prints

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