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“The owner of OurView is Julian Oude Maatman. He is 21 years old and born and raised in the Hague, the Netherlands. In August 2017, he decided to move to Maastricht to study International Business at Maastricht University. Before he became a photographer, he had a few jobs in the kitchens of restaurants. These jobs have ensured that he can handle stress and pressure well, but also that he is social with all kinds of people. Another thing that has always interested him was entrepreneurship.

During his life he already made a lot of travels and moved a few times. Every time he went abroad, he got in contact with a lot of new cultures and people. Next to the people, he also found a lot of beautiful places. Unfortunately, memories fade with time. This is why he decided to capture all these beautiful experiences.

Recently, he came back from his studies in Singapore. During that time he went to Bali, Thailand and traveled trhought whole Vietnam. He is constantly on the move meeting new people and learning new photography styles which he will apply on his unique style.”

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“OurView is a photography company established in Maastricht. He started his company in June 2018 and he is the only employee.

In his life, he already had a lot of contact with different cultures. All these cultures also have different styles they like and this way he got in contact with a lot of photography styles. Because of all these different styles he created a style that’s unique. As you’ve already read in the previous paragraph, he decided to capture the beautiful moments he experienced because memories tend to fade. This is how OurView is founded. But why OurView and not Julian Oude Maatman Photography? He wants to help people save their memories in a way they want to remember them. It’s not only the photographer’s style, but he wants to combine his style with the style the person loves. This way, the perfect photo is a combination between two styles and that’s how it became OURview.

Julian Oude Maatman is OurView. Wherever in the world he is, that’s his location of the company. His head location remains Maastricht, but sometimes he tends to explore more of the world and gain new experiences.”


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