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15 reasons to hire an event photographer

You are organizing an event and full of enthusiasm with the ideas that you (or your team) want to implement. In addition, there are a lot of things that all need to be taken into account.

One of those questions is whether a professional photographer will be hired. Of course, each event is different and also requires different skills from a photographer. But hiring a professional photographer is indispensable.

An event photographer can let your event live beyond the time the event takes place. That’s why I have 15 reasons in this article to hire an event photographer.

1: We have the same goal

A photographer has the same goal as the organization of the event. We all want people to have a good time and to relive the event at a later moment.

Because the photographer himself also has his company, he understands many aspects that you are looking for. For example, marketing material for later or social sharing of guests.

2: Register your event

The event has started and everything is arranged. Sometimes it’s so much that you don’t know everything because you simply didn’t organize that aspect. Because of the pictures that are taken, you can later look back at what everything looked like exactly. What food was served and how was the location made-up.

It’s not the first thing you think about with an event photographer but indirectly it gives a lot of value later during the evaluation.

3: Memories for your guests

The guests who come to an event often arrive in fully dressed for the event. They would like a photo to be able to share it later. In addition, guests will have a reminder of your event. That memory could be shared more easily if there’s a photo of it.

4: Promotion for the next event

The photos taken during an event can, of course, be used later for a follow-up event. The announcement will look more professional and real.

For example, if the same location is used, it gives the guests a better idea of what it will be and what atmosphere hangs around the location. Guests often dress according to these expectations to look as appropriate and beautiful as possible.

5: Social media is powerful

The platforms where guests share everything is the best free marketing for you. Next to the fact that it is budget-friendly, it is also extremely powerful. Word of mouth still works best.

With a photo, a social media post is seen/shared/liked 37% more often and that is why it is important to have a photographer who can provide this. The better their message goes out into the world, the cheaper it is for you.

6: Marketing purposes

Besides the fact that the guests take care of a part of your marketing, it is of course also important that you continue to do so yourself.

The photos can be used for, for example, on the website, flyers and other promotional material to show your company more professionally or more in its own corporate identity.

Profiling yourself as an organization is very important. Trust is the keyword for success. Definitely online.

7: Advertising purpose – the external side

More specifically in marketing purposes are the commercials you may want to create for other events or for your own business. With professional photos, this can definitely be achieved. A professional look is very important.

For more informal companies, the event will often also be more informal. The photographer adapts to this situation so that the photos come in your house style in an atmosphere that you want to convey.

8: Evaluation

As said in the beginning, it is important to see what happened at the event. This gives you and your team the chance to evaluate it.

For example, it can be seen which snacks were popular and which were not. Where the guests often took their place or stood. Which light worked best. Whether the location was large enough and much more detail can be taken out of photos.

9: Thank sponsors

Many events have sponsors and of course, you would like to thank them very much. Besides the fact that they might have a banner at the event, they will also appreciate having their logo in the photos.

That same free marketing for you also works for them and is always seen as a great thank or honor.

10: Spontaneous

At many events, there is an informal atmosphere that makes the guests feel at home quickly. This is perfect for photos, once guests are comfortable at an event they will want to be in the photo that can then be shared again on their own social media.

11: Staff are often present

This is next to photos of the event the perfect opportunity to hold a portrait photoshoot of the staff or of the organization of the event.

Often everyone is present and in the right clothes. This can be both formal and in your own corporate identity.

A nice time to combine those two photoshoots.

12: Backup – you’d lose everything

Imagine you want to use the photos taken at your event. But there’s nowhere you can find them.

This is always a small heart attack, of course, just like you get when you drop your phone out of your hands.

Fortunately, I always have a backup in consultation with you. This can be a backup on my own drives but it may also be that an online cloud backup is made that will keep everything safe.

13: The right experience, skills, and material

Event photographers have specialized in events for a reason. They have a passion for this kind of photography and always focused on this field.

That focus comes back to having the right material and courses done to capture the event even better.

14: Invisible yet still visible at the event

An event photographer knows how to move between people to get to the best spots for the photo he has in his mind.

He’ll be as invisible as possible everywhere to take the most beautiful pictures. However, he will regularly make himself visible to put guests on the photo and put them at ease

15: A helping hand

Finally, there is the helping hand of a photographer. In advance, a number of things are discussed between the photographer and the organization. This allows the photographer, for example, to memorize the program and what things are about to happen.

This is not only useful for the photographer but that also gives guests the opportunity to ask a number of questions to a photographer. The question can sometimes be answered by the photographer and otherwise, the photographer often knows who is responsible for that particular question and therefore the ideal middleman.


With this article, I hope to convince you that an events photographer is indispensable. Now comes the next step. Which photographer should I hire? There are many factors that determine what the best photographer is for you: price, style, availability, and more.

OurView stands for our take on photography. We literally stand for us, you and me. Especially at events, it is important that there is a photographer who adapts to the house style/atmosphere of the event. I do this, of course with a touch of my own style.

It is very important that everything is discussed between the organization and the photographer. This is to, first of all, find out if it is a suitable combination and then to discuss what is possible.

I always do it by offering a non-committal conversation. It speaks of everything that is important for the best choice.

I hope this article helped you. Don’t hesitate to leave a message behind I’m always in for a conversation.



My first blog post!

It is happening right now, I am writing my first blog post. Scary? Yes, a bit. Enthusiastic? YESSSS.

You may think; again, another photographer with his standard photoblog. Or maybe you are as curious as I am what this will bring. To start with, I can tell you that this blog won’t be a standard blog where I am telling a story about myself. OurView is standing for OUR-View. It is also about your vision, we can create that storytelling photo together.

This means that next to the main topics of photography; I will be giving tips on several fields. From camera techniques to starting your own business (also applicable to none photographers).

Finally, interaction is really important to me; to make this blog fits your needs. The rest of this blog I will tell you the subjects in more detail and who I am.

Shoots and stories

There will several blog posts about photoshoots I did. This will vary from an event to a shoot of a landscape I feel sharing with you. I am always open for comments; negative and positive of course. Next to this, there will be stories about the photos I took. There is a whole story behind a lot of photos which make them special. By giving meaning to a photo it becomes more special for everyone.

But not only about the photos, but also about myself. I will show you a day in the life of myself. Finally, I am willing to do Q&A sessions to help you further with all that is related to photography and the business of photography.

Tips for photographer and business owners

Helping people is one thing I really like to do. That is why several blogs will give you tips and tricks about different aspects of photography and doing business (focused on photography but also useful for others). Subjects that will be covered for photographers for example are:

  • Camera techniques
  • Lightroom tips
  • How do I prepare and work
  • Gear I use and reviews about them
  • What is inside my camera bag
  • Most important; help you figure out with the most frustration we all have


On the other hand tips and tricks towards the business side of things will cover: the start of your own business and how to do that, marketing online as well as offline and how to attract clients in a creative way.

A tip to myself at this moment is to use less I, however, that is quite difficult when you are telling what you are going to do. And I understand that this will be also the case when you will read the tips. Therefore I try to give more practical examples you can directly apply, and do not forget to ask questions!!! Maybe more people have those questions and we can solve the issue together.


Traveling is an important part of life. ( shows were I am at the moment). I am not a full-time traveler but try to go as much as possible. In the past, I lived in Singapore from where I traveled to a lot of places in Asia. All those experiences I take with me during a photoshoot or session. Trying to combine different cultures to make my own unique style.

Therefore, some posts will go about places I have traveled to, cultures that interested me and the bucket list I have. Most importantly; what is your favorite destination? Please comment below!

So who am I?

In 2015 I started taking photos with my phone and found out quickly that I needed a professional camera to create what I had in mind. When I received my camera, I started a course to get the know-how needed to create that specific photo. The main goal was to create something that no one else had seen.

In the beginning, I was really focused on travel photography, enjoying nature, cultures and the sun most of the time to be honest. But not only this got my interest, but also you! The smile of people. I love to socialize with others and hear their stories. During my travels or during a photoshoot I hear those stories and want to create the perfect picture for this.

Next to photography I study International Business at Maastricht University. Where I learn things I directly try to apply to this photography business. Therefore I expand this blog not only to photography but also on all aspects of the business. In my free time: I swim, Go out and have a good glass of wine with friends.

What does OurView stand for?

In my life, I already had a lot of contact with different cultures. All these cultures also have different styles they like and this way I got in contact with different photography styles. Because of all these different styles I created a style that’s unique. As you’ve already read above, I decided to capture the beautiful moments I experienced because memories tend to fade. This is how OurView is founded.

But why OurView and not Julian Oude Maatman Photography? I want to help people save their memories in a way they want to remember them. It’s not only the photographer’s style, but I want to combine my style with the style the person loves. This way, the perfect photo is a combination of two styles and that’s how it became OURview.


The first blog post is a fact!
Now you know something about me and my business.  I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and the coming ones. You can always contact me by filling in one of the contact forms on the website, reply to this blog post, email me or just sent a WhatsApp.

Would you like more? Please check the about page on this website.

Thank you for reading!!

Julian Oude Maatman